My favourite songs from films


There's quite an eccentric group of songs here and they are not in any particular order.
They may or may not be suited to everyone's taste, but they are some of my favourite pieces.
I hope that you'll like even one of them or maybe you know them already!
There's a mixture of instrumental and pieces with vocals. I adore the work of composers such as Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Patrick Doyle, James Newton Howard, James Horner (R.I.P) and Danny Elfman. I've noticed that many of the songs are sad, maybe I just like them because they sound beautiful? Also many of the songs are from animated films or Disney.
 Anyway, I really hope you like these. I might even update this from time to time.

Jake's First Flight (Avatar)
This song is beautiful. I can't describe exactly why I love it so much. 
There's something exotic in it, when I listen to the song I feel connected to nature.
Despite the world of Pandora in the film being so alien, the film is essentially a comment on how today in our world huge companies are trying to take Earth's natural resources disregarding the damage that may be caused. The song is in the language of the Na'vi and the sounds of the Orchestra coming together is absolutely beautiful in my opinion.

Which Will - Nick Drake (How I Live Now)

Obviously I like the film this comes from, it's from How I Live Now starring my favourite actress Saoirse Ronan (Exclusive interview with her here). The song has beautiful soft guitar and it's really soothing. The song was first released in 1972, so thank god for this film or I probably would not have heard of it. I hope you enjoy it.

Noble Maiden Fair - A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal (Brave)

I'm not sure exactly what the singers are saying in this song.

It's in the Scottish language. Some of the words are similar to the Irish language. It's a really beautiful song and it is played in a scene with a mother and child. Despite not understanding the language, I still think this song is lovely.

We Are One - The Lion King (The Lion King 2)

I have loved this song from childhood. 
There's something really uplifting about it, and when you actually listen to the lyrics it gives a great message.  Hans Zimmer a great composer helped bring to life some of the most beautiful pieces
of music in the world. I don't fully understand how they are able to compose such effective
pieces by just watching a film and writing notes on sheet music. 

Hanna's Theme - The Chemical Brothers (Hanna)

This is such an eccentric song, by a quirky band. It's dedicated to ths character of Hanna played by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan . It sums up the personality of the character perfectly. 
Hanna was brought up in the wilds of Finland and I feel like this track really alludes to the fact that
Hanna is childlike in some of her actions. There's an alien, fairytale, eccentric and ethereal sound to it.

The Arrival of the Birds (The Theory of Everything)

I did not watch The Theory of Everything, I came across this piece of music
while searching for film soundtracks. It's completely instrumental yet I really find myself
connecting to it. I really like the strings in the song and when they all come together at 
This song just teaches me of the power of music and I find myself really emotional listening
to it. It reminds me of feelings I had and feelings I still have and am finding to shake off.
1:20 in the song is when the music really builds and it's so powerful. It's a very personal piece
of music to me so I hope you like it. It reminds me of love, and just how fragile and special it can be.
I'm not sure if you understand what I mean, but please listen to it.

 Through Heaven's Eyes (The Prince of Egypt)
I'm not the most religious of people but I do genuinely enjoy listening to this song.
So I don't think you need to be religious to enjoy this song. It's so cheerful and
the coming together of all the instruments during the chorus is amazing. It
really really lifts my spirits and when I don't feel like smiling it genuinely manages to raise
even the smallest smile.

Touch The Sky - Julie Fowlis (Brave)

Yes, a second song from Brave. But the composer Patrick Doyle is very skilled at what he does
and captures the spirit in Scottish traditional music very well. It's very similar in sound to Irish
traditional music which is probably why I like it so much. The beat is really catchy.

 Rohirrim Charge (The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King) 

Skip to 2;34 in this clip. I really really like this piece. Composed by Howard Shore, I'm fairly sure
that most of you will recognize this song from the Lord of the Rings. It's beautiful and completely fits in with the scenes as the Rohirrim charge towards the Orcs. The song makes the scene even more
poignant. For me a film lover like so many people, the soundtrack is just as important as the cinematography. If the song doesn't fit or if there is no music, a scene will not have as much impact.

The Chemical Brothers - This Is Not A Game (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay)

I normally would not listen to something like this but I came across it on Spotify and for some reason I really enjoy it. It's really badass and I also love that the Chemical Brothers worked on this track too.
I wouldn't consider The Hunger Games to be a particular favourite of mine, but brilliant composers
have worked on the film, such as James Newton Howard. Hope you like it, or take a listen of something you may not have necessarily listened to before.

I may update this as time goes on and I'll let you all know.
If you have music you'd like me to hear, let me know please.
Thank you for reading this and listening.

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