UL Filmmaking Lock-in: Films, Too Much Sugar and Spiderman.


On Friday, our filmmaking society held its first ever event, a lock-in. A lock-in is where you are locked into a place overnight and you generally cannot leave. We planned to watch as many films as possible during this time.You wouldn't believe how much work went into planning it. I've so many people to thank, but I'll save that for this post's conclusion.

For those who don't know, Michael Boyle, Maoilíosa Lydon, myself, Brendan O' Loughlin, Liza Krudde, Sinead Cryan, Hatem Abnoun and Evan Mcternan make up the Filmmaking Society committee. A number of us have been working since 2014 on trying to get this society set up. Finally in September 2015 we succeeded. It's been a work in progress, we're trying to find our feet, solidify our place in the university and we're slowly but surely getting there! We want to have a society where people with varying talent, interest and willingness to learn filmmaking are all catered for. So if you have any interest at all we'd love to have you.

First we had to set a day that suited everyone and this isn't as easy as it seems! We wanted to hold it on a Friday, a day where people wouldn't have to get up for lectures the next day. It was gonna be a late one. Finally we settled on November 20th, a day that is significant to me for a few reasons but it suited those wanting to attend. We had to book a day that allowed us stay in the Student's Union overnight. Committee members were scurrying around the place on Friday, organizing the projecter and sound, getting the films in order, myself and Liza walked for ages sorting out our MUNCHABLES and I had to drag them all the way home sweating like a mad thing (COUGH). Complaining aside haha, it was absolutely worth it. Maoilíosa and Brendan helped with the organizing as did Liza, meeting various UL staff to make sure we were doing everything correctly. Michael helped organize the projecter and equipment for that and promoting the event itself.

Just some of the food, which included over four microwaveable bags of popcorn, 
four packets of Haribo gummy bears, 8 litres of fizzy drinks, guacamole, nachos, Maom, and many others.

The committee members all arrived at 7pm to set up the SU. I set up the food in bowls and got the popcorn ready. Naturally I was eating as I was going along and I am genuinely hungry RIGHT NOW as I type this blog post. A BIG THANK YOU to Anthony Carey who generously set up a blue-ray projecter and screen so we could watch films on a huge screen. We couldn't have asked for more, it was perfect. The SU common room had plenty of couches and chairs so we made them into a semi circle. What was great about having the lock-in in the SU was that it had free open wifi, and that made the experience that little bit more enjoyable. The place was lovely and warm also. We're honestly so grateful to everyone for helping out.

It was a really cozy set up.
And now, the films we watched. We watched "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl", "Police Academy", "John Wick" and "Tarzan". A diverse collection of films, are they not? My stand out favourite was "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl".

Olivia Cooke (Rachel) and Thomas Mann (Greg)

This blog post could very easily be a "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl" appreciation post, but I've had to force myself to stop reviewing films on my blog or I'll have posted three reviews in a short period of time. Just know that it was more than I expected. Absolutely beautiful. It was so quirky and I felt that Olivia Cooke was cast perfectly as Rachel. Stand-out scene was near the end in the hospital. (I won't say anymore due to spoilers) but the colours, soundtrack and just the general feeling was so powerful. The combination of stop-motion animation and regular film footage was perfect. Ah I could go on and on. But I won't, hard as it is. Two stand out songs from the soundtrack Brian Eno - The Big Ship and Explosions in the Sky - Remember Me as a Time of Day.

Here's one:

Brian Eno - The Big Ship

Next we watched Police Academy (1988), a comedy much needed after Me, Earl and the Dying Girl's hard hitting ending. It was genuinely funny and cleverly so. A film that my father told me he had seen when he was younger. The film centres on a young man named Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) who is sent to the Police Academy against his will along with an assortment of goofy, eccentric and comedic characters. He makes up his mind to do anything he can to be thrown out, rather than quit. So he embarks on a series of schemes against Lieutenant Hurst (George R. Robertson). Soon enough he finds a reason to stay, Karen Thompson (Kim Catrall). Hilarity ensues. While it isn't amazing visually, it makes up for its lack of cinematic quality with its genuinely funny plot. It was also interesting to move from a film released in 2015 to a film that was released in 1988. The contrast between the two films was amazing.
Michael wore a brilliant Spiderman onesie for the lock-in.
Proppa stylin'

The next film we watched was "John Wick" (2014), starring Keanu Reeves, Alfie Allen and Willem Dafoe among many others. The film is about John Wick, a retired assassin who is provoked into re-embarking on his murderous career following the death of his wife, the theft of his car and the murder of his puppy, a last parting gift from his deceased wife. Extremely violent and fast paced, I could see why people might really like this film but I personally didn't warm to it. I didn't think the plot was solid enough. The fight sequences were excellent however, along with the cinematography.
Films we watched at the lock-in.

I had such a good time at the lock-in, even if I had to leave at 5am due to lack of sleep. It was really nice to hang out with a nice group of people, get to know people I previously did not know that well and just watch films. While the lock-in was a success we're really hoping to get even more people for our next event. We want this society to survive because I feel like it has a place in this university, along side the comedy society, photography society and literary society. The committee I work with are among the nicest people I've met in college and I've really enjoyed spending time with them so far this semester. I am always wary of meeting new people but I can now say I count these people as friends.

EDIT: Liza told me after I left they watched Jessica Jones (NOOOOOOO, I wanted to see that) and Danger 5. God knows what time they all went to sleep at.
Evan Mcternan (events officer) and myself (p.r.o)

Liza, Myself and Brendan.

Myself, Luke, Brendan, Maoilíosa and a sleeping Lanigan.
Liza Krudde our Health and Safety Officer

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