Some of you reading this were probably at DIE last night in Dolan’s Warehouse. This DIE celebrated the launch of the Life Festival. I knew that this DIE, in particular, was going to be a good one, because tickets in the UL Students’ Union sold out within a day. The event itself was unreal, especially the live act “Silent Noise Parade”

Ciarán had these amazing business cards made. (I may have had a little input
into the design of them eheheh)
Now to get on to the subject of this blog post. Afterlife. This event isn’t the first of its kind. There was one for the DIE that was on during UL’s Charity Week. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to that one and after hearing so many good things about it, I was so excited when it was announced there would be an Afterlife Round Two. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any of my own photos at the event as I was too busy enjoying myself. I got permission from Ciarán to use photos of his, which will be included in the post.

DIE finished at around 2 am and then we proceeded to get taxis back to Milford Grange. The house was empty when we got there. I kid you not, ten minutes of being in the house and the house was full of people. No word of a lie, Afterlife went ahead as planned and it was so successful. I recognized my friends but there lots of people I didn’t recognize, which impressed me because it showed that the event had spread far beyond the people living in Lios na Sidhe.

The back of the card. Ciarán made the design himself with Photoshop.
I was actually tired before Afterlife started and I was thinking to myself, it’s 2 am, why are you still up. I was laughing to myself because Stephen kept saying:


Once it began I magically re-energized and really enjoyed myself. I’m writing this blog post on about five hours sleep and I think I can feel myself crashing a little bit, but I think the late night was worth it. Looking back on Afterlife I see there's a reason why I avoid cameras, and a photo of me in the album proves my reason was correct. I am a mess, but what can you do?!

The entry into the house was only two euro, and that I presume will go towards the cost of DJs.
I was so impressed by how well it was organized. Genuinely. A bouncer was on the door of the house and once the house was full, there were no more people allowed in. One person I note that was unreal at his job was Ciarán Cummins. Without Ciarán there would have been no Afterlife. The event could have easily gone out of hand, had it not been planned properly. I saw that ear pieces were being used and this I’m sure made the task of maintaining control of the crowds much easier.

What also impressed me was the fact that the neighbours were respected, people were told to stay inside the house so that those living in the area would not be disturbed. Not every house party organized takes into account the people who may be negatively impacted by the event so I just thought it was great that the noise didn't filter out into the street.

The house was tightly packed but it was so much fun. I got chatting to people I knew, people I didn’t and I observed more than ten people searching desperately for glasses in a glass-less house.
I know that the party continued long after I left the house at 4:45. There were still people queuing to go into the house. 

What can I say? IT NEVER STOPS.

Things I’ve learned: people are often desperate enough to go to a party that they will try climb in a bedroom window, a tea pot is a perfectly good substitute for a glass and shirtless males with suspenders are NEVER a good idea.

While I know there may have been visits from the landlord and the guards, it still was a good event.
I heard awful things about the clean up, but I guess it was worth it.


If you want to listen to more of the three DJs' work, here's where to find them!

1. Pierre de Leastar - Tech House/Techno

2. David Sheerin - Deep House/Techno

3. Laurence O'Malley - Garage/Old School

I am really looking forward to the next Afterlife!
It was obviously one of the best house parties I've been to.

Photos of the event, © Ciarán Cummins.

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