I've decided to take part in AUrate's autumn to winter challenge, which is 1coming up with outfits suitable for the autumn and winter months, keeping their earrings in mind. Their company is all about sustainable production and for every piece of jewellery sold, a child in need will receive a book, which is something I can definitely get behind. What do I get out of this? Challenging myself to blog again and to design outfits from my vintage clothes. I am always up for a challenge, so what better way to get back into blogging again than to sort through my clothes and pick out three outfits that you can adapt into your winter wardrobe.

(DISCLAIMER: I don't claim to be fashionable in any shape or form, I just like to wear a certain type of clothing and hope that people can relate and possible come up with their own ideas based on what I come up with!)

The three I've chosen are outfits I'd wear myself. They are really easy to replicate and the best thing about them is you can wear these again and again, simply by changing one item in each, such as a jumper or the colour tights you wear and more. 


I really love denim pinafores, the reason being that you can dress them up for a night out or put together a really casual outfit. For me, I wear a lot of patterned shirts and it makes for an interesting look, paired with boots or docs if you have them. The bolder the pattern, the better in my opinion. I used to be afraid to wear bright colours and now I am all for it. Since it's now November, I think I'd go for a warm plaid shirt and complete the outfit with my big woolly scarf. You could just as easily experiment with the tights you wear underneath, I have sheer ones on, but you could wear fishnets or embroidered tights too. I am really into wearing boots at the moment and I wear my ASOS Marketplace boots too often but I love the edge a pair of boots adds to an outfit.

If I had to pick a pair of earrings from AUrate to wear with this outfit, I'd probably go for these tribal ear jackets, simply because it adds an edge to my look rather than a small pair.

In my opinion, a big oversized cardigan is a must-have for winter, if you can get your hands on a quirky vintage one, even better. I bought this one from ASOS Marketplace and the label says it's Italian. I think, the warmer the better in this case. I picked the striped top because I do think the Breton stripe never goes out of fashion and adds a lot to an otherwise plain outfit. You could easily wear skinny jeans with this outfit if that's more your style but as of now, mom jeans are my go to, for comfort and the fit is flattering to my shape. This outfit is definitely more casual than the previous one, I wear different variations of this to college regularly as the weather is getting a lot colder. You can get creative with shoes, mom jeans are so versatile that you could get away with wearing a pair of Nikes, flat shoes or boots depending on what you're into.

When I wear this type of outfit, I like to wear hoop earrings because I like how they look. Years ago I wasn't into them at all, but with fashion, I've started to try to leave my comfort zone so hoops are now part of my wardrobe.

Did I mention I'm a jumper fan? This vintage jumper was something I picked up while looking through the racks at The Edge here in Limerick. It's now November and it's rare you'll see me without a big woolly jumper on. It's very easy to get creative with jumpers, I've noticed that I've been going for more colourful 90's style jumpers because they make a plain outfit a little more exciting! Obviously, if you're more into plain jumpers then go for that, but I really think pushing yourself out of your comfort zone pattern-wise is the way to go. The Eilis of a few years ago wouldn't have paired shorts with a jumper but these days I'm up for trying nearly anything. Combine the shorts with a thick pair of tights, depending on the weather of course, and you'll be set.

The earrings I chose for this outfit are simple yet they're an unusual shape so again I'd wear them to liven up an outfit. For an outfit this casual I wouldn't go for a bold earring so for this one a pair of studs is perfect!


Thanks so much for reading, I really enjoyed getting back into blogging again. I hope to have more posts up in the near future as I'm attending some music events in the next week and a half!

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  1. Loved this! All three outfits look gorgeous on you girl and you're right an oversized cardigan is definitely a winter must have! 😍 I couldn't live without them 😆
    Sophia from learningtolovebysjlx 💋


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