I was reading an article reviewing Kylie Jenner’s new reality show because it had been criticized for not being ‘relatable’ enough. I haven’t seen the show but it got me thinking about relatability. Humans are social beings, they want to understand others and for themselves to be understood. We want to relate to one another.

The world of social media is a world where nearly every second post is advertising something for you to potentially buy. And it makes sense, so many people use social media sites and what better way to increase customers than to promote your products or services on the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?

I follow a lot of celebrities, bloggers, and influencers on different social medias and I've been observing the difference between those who blog as a hobby and the others who consider blogging their full-time job. I have noticed a striking difference, which will, of course, come as no surprise to people. The bloggers with bigger followings naturally generate more revenue and in turn, the products they are either sponsored or able to show are on the more expensive side. This obviously makes sense! 

However, sometimes I find it hard to relate to some influencers when they advertise products or clothing that cost hundreds. I’m a college student, self-employed and have an okay income. But I can’t buy most of the items being advertised to me.  So, I started thinking about my own blog and what I wanted my readers to get out of the blog. Then it struck me. I realized that I wanted to be relatable. Yes, I want to share clothes and styles, but what I’d like to do is show you outfits that you can replicate and make your own without spending all your wages!

My blog is a place where I will talk about how to see the old in a new light. Make something long lasting out of something that might not necessarily be that expensive. I want to be the kind of blogger that I would like to read. I find myself using Pinterest a lot, getting ideas from different places and incorporating those ideas into something that the people who interact with my blog can relate to and create for themselves. I want college students like me to get creative with the things around them.

So yes, maybe you’ll see me repeat a similar outfit or wear the same shoes with different outfits all the time, but that’s me being myself. A college student with a basic income. But it’s my hope that you’ll get your own ideas in outfits by looking at mine. I will often post a photo of myself wearing an item of clothing that is years and years old, but when I do, my motive is to get you thinking about your own clothes, share ideas on how to replicate these outfits and to make up these outfits at a bargain price.

That’s my promise to the readers of this blog. My aim is to always be relatable. I don’t doubt that I’ll buy and show something that might be a tad expensive, but doesn’t everyone splurge every once in a while? For the most part, my blog is going to be about experiences and things that don’t break the bank. Because let’s face it you can just as easily have fun without spending any money!

Thank you so much as always for reading this blog and supporting me. It really does mean a lot to me!

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  1. Yesssss I love this piece. That is MY GOAL-- 1) to be relatable and 2) to just USE what we bloody already have around ourselves. Because creativity can pop up at the weirdest times. We have all the tools we need to make more tools of our own. Thanks for sharing :D

  2. Hey really interesting post, definitely agree with you! When a blogger starts sharing mostly designer stuff i lose interest! I even notice a trend where they have to share new stuff that is in the shops currently but obviously real people wear clothes from years ago! I'd rather stay true to myself too 😊


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