What Direction?


One more year and then my direction is not so clear. It has hit me that I have one more year left in the University of Limerick. The thought of graduating does fill me with a bit of dread as I am used to knowing what I should do next. But I am almost twenty-two years old and while part of me is excited to navigate a world post-university, I am also worried about the unknown. Life has pulled me in all sorts of directions since I’ve come to the University of Limerick. In some ways, my life has come full circle. The house I will live in for my fourth and final year of university education is a house in which I have so many memories. Bittersweet, but also happy memories. It’s weird where life can take you.

I suppose I have not been writing on this blog because I am confused as to what direction to go in. Do I stick to the same sort of posts I have always been doing? Or do I branch out and try things that I have never done before? I don’t want to stay in this rut that I have been stuck in for a while now. Lately, I haven’t had a lot to say and it has made me reconsider the path I want to follow as a blogger.  When I started this blog, almost four years ago, its aim was to be somewhere I could express myself, somewhere I could talk about the topics that meant the most to me. I don’t want this to change, but I do want to see this blog go in a more structured, creative and successful direction. So, I will be changing up posts, just to see how I feel.

My self-expression has gone in a new direction this year especially I do think that I have allowed myself to explore new music and a new style of clothes. Sometimes I have felt like an imposter for trying new things, but honestly, but I do feel comfortable in the lifestyle I have now. I know now that I feel more comfortable in a rave setting than I do in a club, that I won't ever be comfortable wearing a lot of makeup. Those were things that I considered I had to learn while growing up, but I have accepted the quirks I have and accepted them as being the bits that make me, me. People around me have commented on how I'm "so different" from my twin sister. I still find that people think that twins should be the same, even down to the way they dress. Well, for myself and my twin Úna, that is not the case. Why should it be? Since coming to university, Úna and I have branched off in entirely different directions, clothes wise, music wise and lifestyle wise. It may have been of the best things we've done as twins, allowing ourselves to find our own friends and figure out our own lives.

Mental health wise, it has been a rocky month or so, I've found myself stuck in a negative thought pattern which I am determined to break out of. I really want direction on how to move past all the negativity into a more positive mindset. I've started to notice when I am a negative space, how to detect the signs and I am hoping that this knowledge will help me to work through it. 

SO, what do I have planned for this summer? What do I have planned for my blog? Some of those answers you'll have to wait for. You'll have more variety in blog posts, that's for sure, ranging from recipes, art, fashion and more. I have a few ideas up my sleeve and I am hoping that once I get going that more ideas will come. I really want to make an effort with my blog this summer and hopefully you'll notice the difference. No Cat Got My Tongue is due a design change so expect to see the blog appearance changing and fingers crossed, changed for the better. Summer-wise, I am hoping that I get lucky and manage to get a job! I would like to learn more coding, improve my graphic design and visual communications skills and just to travel a little bit. 

Thank you for sticking with me and this blog, I hope you'll continue to check back to see what's on my mind!

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