Third Year Tunes : Feelings, Green Lights & Awakenings


here's a little post on the music i've been loving!

Sundara Karma – Loveblood

Loveblood was a song I found through my Discover Weekly on Spotify, and boy how glad I was to find it. I love the first few lyrics at the beginning of the song too. The band hails from the UK and are actually named as artists similar to one of my favourite bands All Tvvins. The song makes me a little emotional at the opening of the words, because it reminds me of a couple falling in love. Music has the power to make you feel strong emotions you may not understand. It’s a song I would like to see in a film, just to add to the scene. The instrumentals are the beginning are what caught me when I heard the song for the first time. The lead singer’s voice is beautiful, a little rough on the edges but that’s how I like it. It kind of reminds me of the confusion, blindness and the overwhelming passion you can feel when you’re in love. I’ve been there once and it was heavenly. Other songs from this band that I like are : Olympia and She Said.

Waiting with my arms out
Whisper then a loud shout
Lost in the way she says my name

Dub Phyzix – Never Been

This was a song I actually heard while out at a rave in Limerick city. Flow Night to be exact, held monthly by the art college. Dub Phyzix is one of my favourite Drum and Bass artists. I think was drew me was both the deep, unusual voice. I have yet to learn all the words to it and I really wish I could because it would be a massive achievement in itself. Dub Phyzix songs are electic and have crazy names, so I’m glad I found them. I’m a stickler for really loud beats and this song has it. It’s strange, but I found myself listening to this song in the most weird of moments: while working on articles in the library, lying in bed with my boyfriend and also before heading on a night out. Three very different scenarios yet the song somehow fits. I loved it when I was out raving, swaying and really enjoying the atmosphere with it.

Dub Phyzix songs you should check out are : I’m A Creator and Marka.

Kodu – Awakening

I discovered these guys through Instagram and when I realized they were a local band in Limerick I was delighted. I was extremely lucky to see them live at my university (UL) when they played battle of the bands. They were honestly phenomenal and the atmosphere was amazing. Awakening received a great reaction, the bass and the rest of the music was so loud that I could feel it in my chest. It was such an amazing experience that I got in contact with Kodu themselves and asked them to explain the process behind their songs:

“The inspiration for the music in short I would say that its inspired by what some would call a “Spiritual Awakening”. Most of the songs are meant to sound like what it would feel like to have a significant insight or a moment of “enlightenment”. It’s that uplifting feeling that one can feel in these moments or through meditation. Saying this though we do want to keep things sounding fun and danceable as much as introspective. Musically it is highly influenced by hip-hop, psychedelic, ambient, jazz and even house music. It’s a highly collaborative project, at the moment almost all of our members are UL MMPT students and we all live in a house together full of other musicians and jam together all the time.

Our methods for coming up with music usually involves myself coming up with a beat or Darren or one of the other lads coming up with guitar/bass parts and we’ll all just plug into my audio interface and jam for hours over it with a drum machine and synths”

Bearcubs – Touch

This is a song that has an electronic vibe that I absolutely love and it has a sort of dreamy vibe. I listen to it when I’m doing work or even just relaxing. The opening sounds really drew me on, it gives me a sort of jungle vibe that I’m really into at the moment. The beats in the background as the lead vocalist sings are really groovy. I discovered this song through Ciaran who actually has a really electic taste in music and from whom I have found a lot of pretty cool songs. Bearcubs is an artist from London actually, 26 years old. You can find more of his tracks on

(Loss) is a lesson loved in your mind(uh), in your mind
Always said we never run out of time, oh oh
Like a vanishing point coming into view
And now I contemplate the thoughts that you
Contemplate the thoughts that you imbue

Jeremih – Amsterdam

Again another song from Ciaran. I developed an interest in these type of songs when I was living in America last summer. I lived in Bay Shore, Long Island and I was surrounded by young people who played these kind of songs. I really opened my mind to the beats and I am no longer for liking songs with this kind of vibe. Listen to the first few seconds of the song and see if you can guess why I like this particular song. If you’re a regular to the blog you’ll know what draws me in 
(one hint: drops) I would like to hear this song out as I think it’s got a really interesting vibe going on and it’s something to get you dancing.

Blossoms – Honey Sweet

You might imagine this to be a sweet little ballad, based on both the name of the band and the title of the song. However, it is misleading. But don’t worry, it still is a fantastic, catchy song. This band were introduced to me properly by my friend Aidan. I believe I may have heard some of their songs before through Spotify though. What is with me and the openings of songs lately? But again, the little groovy instrumentals at this song’s opening are excellent, one I would love to hear live. I find the lead singer’s voice kind of unusual but I like it all the same. I can imagine this song being fantastic being played to a crowd. It sort of reminds me of two people at once, courtesy of my unique brain. I really the harmonies towards the end of the song also, it adds an emotion to it and the instrumentals are so fabulous.


I am an avid fan of CHVRCHES so when I heard the first few seconds of this tune I was hooked. I adore the synthesized elements in their music, so this song was no exception. For me this song could be something you could relax to, dance to and also be something that would be incredible in concert. Lauren Mayberry has a very unique voice, her accent slips out here and there, reminding of Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro. I would love to know the story behind this song because it has me thinking. Usually with songs I find I can link them to a moment or emotion within me, yet I’m unable to do so. Other than being a really catchy song, I don’t have an emotional link with the song.

Faster, faster, you won't go far
Shouldn't leave, feeling faint, we both know why
You got to show me, both knees, cold I lie
Hold me, slowly, hide me, 'til I can fight

Lorde – Green Light

I have to admit I didn’t enjoy the song the first time I listened to it. My sister Una recommended that I listen to it more than once and while disbelieving, I did so, realizing I did in fact like the song. Apart from loving the song title, the song is a lyrical and musical masterpiece in my eyes. It is all Lorde. She is a genius when it comes to tapping into moments with lyrics. I can totally relate to this song, especially with certain lyrics. The song is slow to begin with, when the piano and the beating drum beat hits then it gets so much more exciting. The chorus is what makes my chest ache a little bit because I can relate to it a lot. The song is detailing life after a break up, which I find very interesting. The chorus lyrics are just amazing, I think it’s something people can relate to, you can hear Ella’s emotion throughout the song. Ella worked with Jack Antonoff (a genius behind Taylor Swift’s album 1989), which I personally credit for helping with the excellent chorus/beat.

 But honey I'll be seein' you 'ever I go
But honey I'll be seein' you down every road
I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it
'Cause honey I'll come get my things, but I can't let go
I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it


I've been blessed with the electic mix I've found in this past while.
Thanks so much as always for exploring this little blog of mine.
Music has continued to save me and it probably drag me out of the little slump in at the moment.
Thanks so much again :)

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