What My Ears Are Loving: Irish, Bass Drops and Acoustic Music


It's nearing the end of July and summer is in full swing. I mentioned in my previous blog post my music taste has changed dramatically since coming to America. My summer has been lively, fast paced and exciting in so many aspects. It's really been such a warm summer. As I said also, a lot of my friends speak Spanish and thus their taste of music is totally different to mine. I have totally embraced new music, despite being shocked that I was into it. Looking over this list, it's very diverse. There's R&B, Indie Rock, Electronic/House, Pop and Folk. These are songs that have coloured my summer.


I first heard this song through Darwin, a boy who works in the same place as me. He's a huge The Weeknd fan and I have to admit that the artist has grown on me hugely over the summer. I'm not going to fight it anymore, if a song has good bass, bass drops no less then I'm into it. To me this song sounds best when played loud, the beats at the start are so catchy. It's a very sexy song and is classed as "Explicit" on its cover art, which makes me laugh. I play it when I'm in the mood to go out drinking or to get into a good mood. It does remind me of one person in particular, I'm not spilling any names however haha.


I saw Daithí live in Dolans Warehouse, Limerick while at a The Academic gig. Daithí is a music producer from Ballyvaughan, Co Clare. The extremely catchy beat kicks in at around 1.53 in the song. The combination of electronic synth and his grandmother's voice surprisingly works amazingly. I listened to this song while talking about it in this post and my head was bopping through it. I am absolutely delighted that there is more than one Irish artist in this summer list. I really hope Daithí flourishes in years to come.


My mood immediately improves when I listen to All Tvvins, particularly this song. There's something so catchy about the drums, the guitar and the synths. It makes me really happy, I listen to it in bed, walking to work on my own, dancing alone in my room. Dublin band All Tvvins are up there among my favourite musicians, just because they are so catchy. The chorus gets me going so much, my entire body moves to it. I can never get sick of listening to it so that's a great thing. I can't describe it, I feel so good when I listen to this song. It has a really good vibe to it.


My beloved Ben. A summer would not be complete without it. I've been listening to this song lately as well as Diamonds by the same artist. I was shocked that I had not listened "All Is Now Harmed" in any great detail before. My friend Aidan recommended that I listen to it and now that I have I am in love. I don't think there has been a song by Ben Howard that I have disliked. It's both soothing and mysterious. Ben Howard has always been the soundtrack to my life in many ways and I can't imagine a time where his music won't mean something to me.


I found this tune while watching a Youtuber's vlog. Yes I know. As it turns out, these artists are in fact Belgian, which is quite apt as I move to Belgium next after I return to Ireland for less than two weeks. The beginning of this song is what drew me to it in the first place. It's really catchy, the lead singer's voice is different but it totally works and to me has a good summer atmosphere to it. My sister says there's an 80's vibe it. I can't say if that is true for sure, but my ears are loving it.


This song surprisingly makes me feel emotional, as with many of Petit Biscuit's music, The French music producer's music usually doesn't have any lyrics. 0:40 is when the beat really kicks in. I find it absolutely comforting and soothing to listen to. It really does remind me of the sea, though I'm not sure why. I think it's gorgeous. I stumnled upon this artist while watching the vlog of the same Youtuber as "Anyone Else". The drum beat in the background really adds to the tropical vibe of this music. I could listen to this at the beach, in bed, or walking somewhere. I quite like a lot of this artist's work.


I have loved this song for the most part of this year. It appeared in my Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist and I have adored the Australian artist's music ever since. It's one song that can always cheer me up if I'm having a bad day. I think it's the infectious guitar riff that makes up the chorus. Towards the end, a trumpet makes an appearance and my GOD, I love it, I find myself swaying to it. A must listen. "True Intentions" by the same artist fantastic. It reminds me of roadtrips in The Burren, Co Clare back home in Ireland with my friend Aidan, memories I will never forget.


This artist is from Northern Ireland. I absolutely love his voice, his song "Closed Hand Full of Friends" gave me solace during the months of my life that were difficult. But this one is both soothing and makes me happy. The combination of the beautiful instruments with Foy Vance singing absolutely gorgeous lyrics is just heaven to my ears. I could listen to this song repeatedly without getting tired of it. The harmony in the chorus, coupled with the strings tugs at my heartstrings in a way that I can't describe. I adore it.


A short song. It's both bittersweet and happy. I first listened to Little Comets in 2013/ early 2014 and didn't listen to them again until my twin sister Úna sent it. It's kind of bouncy and you'll understand why I said that when you listen to it. I find the lyrics really speak to me the most and that's what gets to me the most about this song. Especially the lyrics about the beach house and talking about the waves. It's really catchy, and I really wish I could send it to people who I know would appreciate it.


There's something incredibly sexy about this song, but I can listen to it while getting ready for a party atmosphere or when I want to feel good about myself. I used to think of one person in particular when I listened to it, now that person has changed and I am shocked. The beat is great, Selena's voice is breathy, the lyrics are sensual. Overall the song is about feeling good. I really think Selena's voice has improved as time has gone on and she has experimented with her music sound. I think she should stick with this type of music. 




Sometimes I really wish I could start up another blog and just talk about new songs, talk about new musicians I have dicovered and explain why I like them and how they make me feel. I really think I could write hundreds of blog posts. Music is such an integral part of my life. Thank you so much for reading this blog post.

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  1. Great picks! I especially love Ben Howard...that mans voice <3

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    1. Thanks so much Sinead, I read some of your posts and I have to say I really like them. Thanks for taking a look!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad I found your blog-- these music picks are superb and I absolutely love your writing style (: I'll definitely be returning!


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