Second Year: What I've learned so far.


I've been back to college just over a month now and I thought I'd fill you in on the things I've learned so far. It's been a wild ride so far. I can't say for certain that I've been overwhelming happy for most of the last few weeks but I've definitely attempted to take myself out of my comfort zone.

I've realized even more so this year how much of a community UL actually is. In times of loss, (So far this year two second years have unfortunately passed away), in times of celebration (Fresher's week, football and rugby matches and at International night). I remind myself all the time how proud and honoured I am to be attending such an amazing university filled with beautiful, intelligent, funny and creative people. Despite feeling alienated here at times, I wouldn't want to move to a different college when I really think about it. I've compiled a list of sorts, detailing a few things I've learned so far this semester.

1. Sometimes you find that you DON'T actually know yourself as well as you think. You tell yourself that NO, you're not going to let anyone else catch your eye, that the person you need to focus on for once is YOURSELF. But alas, dear old Eilis has done it again. And I now have random people coming up to talk to me about it and wish me luck. Fabulous. I am QUEEN of getting myself into wonderfully strange situations <3.

2. I can't stop dancing. I've been going out a whole lot more than I did last semester and this week I went to Costello's for the first time and let me say that I enjoyed it a lot more than some people. Heh Heh. I've missed maybe one International night since I got back and even if the playlist is practically the exact same every time I still manage to have a unique experience. I've been to The Blind Pig, I was in DIE for ten minutes. But that's okay. I find myself dancing in lectures, on the bus, in the courtyard, in the queue to get a roll in Spar. Everywhere. I've been in The Stables so many times over the last few weeks, for Acoustic Sessions, Open Mic, Karaoke etc. So much so that the bartender almost knows my order. I'm 50/50 on whether it's a good or bad thing.

3. UL is a very photogenic campus and because of it I am starting to use Instagram a lot more than I used to. Autumn in the west is very rainy, cold and windy. But I'm still finding amazing photo opportunities and I have realised that I need to capture more memories so I don't forget and just to collect them. There are some really cool places on campus for taking pictures if you know where to look. My instagram is eiliswalsh and you will see me attempting to be all artsy and cool while showing you various aspects of my life. A follow would be nice actually as I post pictures when I post new blog posts.

4. I've learned that seeking help is the better option rather than letting things be, or powering on your own. People have always told me that getting help is one the bravest things you can do and now I actually feel like I can give myself a pat on the back. I feel like I'm finally taking control of something that I previously never could find the strength to combat and I just hope that I will come out the other side of this a much happier and confident person.

5. I need to surround myself with more comedians and just people who make me light up when I see them. I need to steal certain people and hang out with them more (KT among many others). Last Thursday was a night that I'll remember because it was the first time I felt properly elated and was holding back a fit of giggles. . I've met some really interesting and great people so far this semester. I have also gotten to know some people I knew already a lot better now and I am grateful for it.

6. Wifi is literally a necessity at this stage. A necessity that I am currently living without. YES. We still do not have wifi and I am in fact slowly going mad. I have changed my laptop background to this picture in protest. Not that it'll makes things any better, though. Conversations on Facebook are things that I literally give up on during the week because, an exchange consisting of "Hello how are you and what are you up to?" takes place over the course of a few hours. I'm serious.

7. Life is too short not to seize opportunities that come your way. My sister Úna was talking to me during the week and I was telling her how YET AGAIN, I was too shy to approach someone I really wanted to talk to. She just said:
"I've learned that life is too short and if you want something you just have to go for it".
Simple, yet very very true. And I vow RIGHT NOW, typing this that I am. I know what I want, I have a few little missions that I hope to get going in the next while (art, curls, college, oh how I love ambiguity) and I need to tell myself not to be afraid and to just GO FOR IT. What's the worst that can happen? I was surprised on Thursday of this week. Pleasantly surprised and I hope it wasn't a once off thing.

Of course, second year is a lot more different than first year. Naturally every year is going to be different, but I was a lot more nervous for this year to begin than last year. I'm extremely curious as to how the next few weeks, DAYS even will play out. Who knows what's around the corner eh? Hope you're all getting on okay yourselves!

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  1. loved this! i definitely learned a lot when i was in college and i'm a better person for it now. you can never do too much dancing!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Thanks for commenting Danielle! Yeah, I totally agree, I dance at least ONCE a day. Keeps me going.

  2. Yes UL is very photogenic and as an old Costello goer (I haven't been in years but it was the place of my youth) it is the best place to dance, sticky floor and all.

    1. That was my first time there and I loved it! Limerick has little gems if you know where to look!


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