Hello, sorry for the lack of posts!
This is a diary of my first week in college.

Day One - Sunday the 7th of August.

Let’s just say that I’m sitting in my bedroom watching YouTube videos on the first night here in UL. I hope I can be forgiven for that, it’s so late and I’m too tired for socializing. Is that even a thing? It’s said that introverts genuinely become exhausted from social interaction after a certain amount of time. I do like socializing but when it’s a large group of people I guess that’s true for me. My hope is that I grow in confidence as the days go on. I hope that the more used to I get of these people the more comfortable I will feel around them. Fingers crossed a million times!

I walk here on my way home.
I need to sort out my clothes for tomorrow, the time I’m going to get up, etc. I keep saying this but I hope things will get better; it will hardly become even worse? The WiFi is acting up at the moment which is definitely NOT ideal as I want some connection with the outside world. Luckily if something goes wrong tonight I have “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” in my laptop so maybe I’ll watch that. I hear people tottering around outside in heels they can’t walk in. People are going out tonight but I am not going anywhere. It’s freezing cold. I am terribly aware of how negative this first diary entry is haha!

I’ve been listening to:
Milk- The 1975. (How good is this song?!)

Day Two- Monday the 8th of August.

Things HAVE looked up! Today turned out to be quite a good day after all.

I’m still a bit shy of all the boys in my apartment but I’ve met all of them. One little thing that is annoying me is that I can’t remember one name out of them all. I haven’t seen the other girl in the apartment at all today which is strange so I hope I’ll see her tomorrow. I got lost trying to find the Computer Science Building, but it actually turned out that I passed the correct building at least three times while going around in circles. Thankfully I spotted people from my course so I could tag along with them. The first two lectures were interesting but with them comes a lot of work. There’s about four books per lecture, one of them costs about thirty euro which is madness! Unfortunately they are a necessity. Both of the lectures flew time wise. I had dinner with two girls from my course in a restaurant on campus which was lovely, but the portions were too big. I’ve found that I now recognize parts of the campus and can navigate to the places I want to go to. My sister came over to my apartment and I went to hers, so I wasn’t sitting idle. I went upstairs to my friend Bliss’ house, so I chatted to her for about an hour or so.

I watched:
Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 5.

I've become very fond of these cookies in my
first week at UL.

Day Three- Tuesday the 9th of August.

For some reason, having a lie in in the in the morning makes more tired?
This morning I lay in until about 10:30 and then had breakfast with two of my housemates. I think I’m gradually growing out of my shell, slowly by surely. The boys in the house are little bit messy haha, I went into the kitchen to see five dirty glasses, plates, forks and an overwhelming smell of some sort of sauce. The lecture I had today was really interesting, I’m really looking forward to the New Media aspect of my course. Tomorrow is the Scouting For Girls gig which EVERYONE is looking forward to and you get to sign up to different societies at the UL Sports Arena. My phone is acting up, instead of charging when you plug it in, it loses battery instead. I need to find out why! I get so bored when there’s no lectures on for me. I have nothing to do except relax in my room which gets tiresome after a while. Fingers crossed that before today is out I’ll get to walk somewhere with someone. Tomorrow night is going to be so much fun though! I’m looking forward to this Saturday as well, not only because I’ll be home but because it’s my birthday on the 13th of September. Nineteen years old. *gulp”.

EDIT: Later on today I went over to my sister’s house and had a few drinks with her housemates who are lovely. Then we went outside to play tip the can until I had to go come for tomorrow’s lecture.
I’ve been listening to:

Black Beauty Theme (This song just soothes me, a song from one of my favourite childhood films)

Day Four- Wednesday the 9th of September.

Scouting For Girls!!!
Today was the most tiring day. I had to get up before 8 o clock to get ready for my 9 o’ clock lecture. My lectures finished at 2 o clock so I’ve been relaxing in my room. Tonight is the Scouting For Girls gig. I signed up for two societies the Badminton and Literary society. It was annoying because I forgot my student password. So I had to run from the Sports Arena back to my room which takes fifteen minutes and back up again. Luckily, the guy signing people up remembered me so I didn’t have to pay another ten euro. I’d say I’ll meet even more people there which is good! The Scouting For Girls gig was unreal! The crowd was mental and there was a really good atmosphere! The support band really impressed me, they were a local band from Limerick called “Raging Sons”. They performed their own set which was brilliant and their lead singer looks like Jon Snow from the HBO tv show “Game of Thrones”. I suggest looking them up, giving them a like on Facebook and check out their EP “Lust”!. It was chaos when the gig was over trying to move through over two thousand people to get to the exit. My friend was trying to find her roommate in the crowd which proved really difficult. After that I met my sister and we walked with her friends to another student accomodation on campus where we met all of Una’s male housemates roaming around trying to get into a house party. To do exactly what you think a lot of boys want to do. It was so cold! I walked home with Una and her housemate who is a crazy but lovely boy. It was late when I got home but I just fell into bed.
My messy college student bedroom.

Day Five- Thursday the 11th of September.

Just a thought, my nineteenth birthday is TWO days away. Today was pretty chilled. I’m really hungry sitting here typing this, waiting for my sister to answer my calls or text. Today was an okay day, not much has happened. I had two lectures. The week has flown to be honest, I'm settling in okay. Obviously I have to get used to be away from most of the people I know but so far I've made nice friends. Next week should hopefully be good as I'll be more comfortable.
I've decided not to include Friday as it's not a full day and I'm going home for the weekend, My 19th birthday is on Saturday!

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