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Hello everyone!

Since my last blog post I have gotten my Leaving Cert results and I am BEYOND happy! The next step is on Monday the 18th when CAO opens and I can see if I’ve been offered a place in my first choice of course. Fingers crossed all goes well! What I’m going to be writing about is something that is not massively exciting but it is dear to me.

That is spending time with family members with whom I have taken for granted. For example my grandmother (nanny) in Templemore, Co Tipperary. I visited her twice last week, on the 6th and the 10th of August. Both days had a massive difference in weather!

The first day we went it was beautiful and stifling hot. My sister Triona and I went for a walk in Templemore town park and got lost on the brand new trail that we did not know existed! On the way, we saw little doorways attached to the bottom of trees as a sort of fairy trail for children. I didn’t know there was so much more space in the town park to walk. Literally, I would recommend people to bring their dogs and children to the park as there is a playground on the side nearest the centre of the town. The trees were so tall that they basically touched and overlapped above our heads forming a green leafy canopy. This canopy provided some much-needed shade from the sun. Enormous trees uprooted from the ground. The width of the tree trunk was incredible! You could see the intricate twist of the roots in plain view, Triona climbed on top of the tree and managed to capture a butterfly on film before it fluttered away. She was more successful than me! I saw more than one species of butterfly on the walk a Red Admiral and a Cabbage Butterfly. I never really appreciated how lovely a simple walk in a park in a tiny tiny town could be so relaxing and enjoyable.

We met only a few people in the woods, which was nice. The foliage was a mixture of yellows, oranges, browns, and shades of green. While we were around the lake Triona spotted two dragonflies! The focus for once worked to my advantage. When I zoomed in we could see, the different lines on the dragonfly’s wings, the bright blue of its body. I don’t I’ve ever seen one so close before. The second dragonfly we saw had petal-like wings as opposed to the first one with clear lustrous wings. It was certainly something I’ve never seen before. Templemore isn’t the most commercial and busy of places, it’s a quiet town but it’s nice at the same time.

The second time we went to Templemore the temperature and weather were drastically different! The day started off sunny and warm but the sky quickly went gray when we arrived at my nanny’s house. But against our better judgment Triona and I armed ourselves with hoodies, massive coats and an umbrella and decided to walk again. This time we decided to go the route we knew better, rather than the route we had walked a few days ago. Believe it or not the rainy weather didn’t make the walk any less enjoyable! The canopy of trees that had sheltered us from the hot rays of the sun a few days ago provided a large umbrella against the rain. This time we saw ducks waddling along in the grass and swans with their little cygnets! That was amazing because I rarely get to see cygnets as I don’t live near a lake. These cygnets weren’t newborn because they were molting, there were feathers strewn along the grass. Their parents were very attentive to their young. Anytime we walked past them or when the adult swans thought we were too close they would raise their long necks to look at us. We didn’t go too close as I didn’t want to scare the cygnets and I’ve heard that swans get aggressive easily and have been known to break humans’ arms! It eventually started lashing rain so we had to abandon our exploration of the park and lake and head back up to the Abbey.

A walk is so easy, so simple to do but it is so enjoyable and peaceful. I think I need to get out more!

I hope you enjoyed reading about one of my favourite places in Ireland. Sorry, this is a short post.
If you’re not Irish you should pass through on your way to Galway or Offaly for example and come walk in the park.

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