Out of the Woods Music Video.


I can't put into words what that song makes me feel, like 2015, the song had a part one and part two of it. When I hear the first sound of that song it wakes me up and I feel like all my senses are on fire. It crept up on me, the love for this song... just like the love for a person can. Then hit you unaware and you're not sure what to do with it.


I didn't know Taylor was going to release this as a single. I'm kinda annoyed and pleased by this because it's going to be everywhere now and I won't be able to run from it. Two, it means a lot to me and I would love to keep my feelings for it hidden. But it's out there now in all it's hard hitting glory. I can't explain how that song makes me feel and I'm not going to. It's just very very emotional. It's a gorgeous video and now I'm torn between this video and Style for my favourite music video. The colours, the imagery and the story being told in this video is just breathtaking. She alludes to significant things in one of her relationships which is interesting.


The drums beating, reminds me of a heart beating really fast, out of control. It's fascinating. Look, you can despise Taylor Swift and I know that I am wary of her, but there's something that she has tapped into with this song and I can never get away from it. For me this song screams out of fragility, and I can see parts of this song reflected in my own life. I will not tell you the scenes that do, because it's not right and it's too close to my heart, branded into memory. I can't make it through this song without crying, the echo in the background of the song,everything combined together feels so wild, so open and makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. But that's beautiful too, isn't it? Music is meant to cut you open and leave you and your kaleidoscope of colourful emotions out for the world to see.



People will say reading this now that I'm saying too much. That I'm crazy and that I need to let whatever I have inside me go. Whatever emotion I get from this song. But I won't and I also can't. You can't erase feelings just like that, even if you want to. Even if the emotions I get from this song are largely negative, longing, sadness, an ache... it makes you wonder at what life can bring you.

You're alive and wow, look at what you're capable of feeling. Us humans are more than just skin and bones, our minds are something untouchable, beautiful and vastly unknown to us.


The prominent colour in this video is blue and my God it is beautiful. Even when I heard the name of the song "Out of the Woods" I just thought beauty. There's something extremely haunting and wild about the woods. And I guess love can be like that too, can't it? I feel something that can't be touched in this video, like you're reaching out for something and all you're grasping at is air. I feel as though I am saying too much, but I wanted to write something about this song, so part of me is glad there is now a video because it means I can talk about the song.

There are so many photos included in this post, too many even but I wanted you to see it all. Whatever style of music you're into, surely you can say this is beautiful? The imagery if not the music. Please watch the music video in high definition, you won't experience it properly if you don't. The effects in the video are amazing, I was in love with the winding tendrils of vines and branches curling upwards and around Taylor. The woods can be beautiful yet forbidden and frightening all at once and this is what is conveyed in the music video. I keep saying the word beautiful but it really really is. It is a far cry from "Shake it Off" and for that I am glad.

Taylor uses this three sentences in the video, a little bit at the beginning and in the closing of the video. I find them fascinating but I'm now dying to ask Taylor to explain this to us all. What exactly does she mean? I want to know it all.  The instrumental from 2:29 onwards in the song is powerful, I can hear the beats loud and clear. Again like a heart pounding and I adore it so so much.

"She lost him but she found herself
and somehow that was everything."
You should know that I'm obsessed with the sun and its colour. I wrote about it in a personal essay called "Perhaps my most memorable glorious moment is yet to come". When the sun comes up it signifies a new beginning I suppose. Towards the end Taylor screams "OH I REMEMBER" and it's heartbreakingly beautiful. This would be my favourite song on the "1989" album.


Taylor Swift maddens me at times. Sometimes I think I really don't like her when I think how much money she has or the fact that she doesn't use her influence to do promote good as much as she could. But then she'll go and create something like this video and I am drawn back again. Just how it makes me angry that she can create songs that describe in music form how you feel. Or can cause you to feel the strongest emotions possible.

Taylor is genius at songwriting and she has improved drastically as she's gotten older. This is my favourite album of hers, I know that for a fact and whatever she produces in the years to come will have to be AMAZING to top this album. She'll have to make something special to erase the power "Out of the Woods" has on me. But who knows? It's Taylor Swift and despite me writing a post, (it seems very hypocritical now) where I talk about my wariness of her girl squad, I know that what's important in the end is the music she makes. Not the flashy clothes or the drop dead gorgeous friends. Music is what brings people together, not money or pretty clothes.

 And so I leave you with the rest of my favourite images from the video. I hope I haven't alienated you all with my strong love for this song and the outpouring from heart. I apologise for it, but I really want you all to know this song and to also know that it means the world to me. I hope that you'll love the music video as much as I do, and grow to adore the song, whatever meaning it has to you.

Thanks you so much for reading these rambly posts of me and I've just realized this is my first blog post of 2016. What a way to start the new year, typing a blog post at 6am, not having slept at all yet. Yes, okay I will admit. I am crazy. But in Alice in Wonderland it says, "The best people are".

Here's a link to some theories about the video, what it symbolizes and I think they're beautiful.


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  1. Ah I love this song and I'm really liking both the Style and Out of the Woods music videos for their beautiful imagery and transitions as well. Out of the Woods is such a jogging song for me because of that powerful drum beat you talk about. You're so right about Taylor Swift having grown so much and producing something better and better, because 1989 is my favourite album too.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. She seems to be putting a lot of thought into her videos more so nowadays which I like, because there's nothing more I love than discussing videos. I am obsessed with film and hope to work in it someday. This video reminds me of what I want to do, go to beautiful places, film them and create a work of art.


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