University Year One: A recap through snaps.


On Saturday the 16th, I'll be moving out of my student accomodation in Dromroe, on UL campus. Finished. Yes, I'm finished my first year of college as a New Media and English student. I want to recap my year, to preserve memories in my mind, because I had so much fun. However, this isn't going to be a multiple paragraph ode to first year, it's going to be a gallery of snapchat screenshots and photos that I have collected over the year. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any to include please let me know!

The first one is the first snapchat  of first year I remember being being involved in. It was during our class meet up, which proved to be successful yet unsuccessful at the same time. Successful in that we all made great new friends, but unsuccessful because not many of our classmates showed up. Ah well, we still had fun. Most of what I recall from this night, which was sometime in early October was of being excited about The Burren, us knowing only one song of Keywest, an interesting house party, Canadian beer, Maoilíosa expecting Stephen to be fat and walking a tipsy Pamela around The Stables in a circuit.


This next one was taken in semester two. This was during our 9am to 11am lecture on a Monday morning, something that EVERYONE struggled with. Our attendance consisted of us sitting up at the very back, taking snaps of various things in the room, of each other and communicating through snapchat even though more often than not we sat beside each other. Fingers crossed that we passed the exam for this module, which coincidentally was the only exam we had this year. *GULP*.

I took this at a house during a party this semester. A photo of power "couple" Shane McGrath and Katie Lenihan who both have extremely photogenic faces. Throughout the college year us peasants used to listen to these two telling us about their many chateaus throughout Europe, their yacht and the amount of money they had in their bank account. One line that particularly stood out was Shane commenting on an area in Limerick being called "the pimple on the face of Limerick". I for one am glad that I was accepted to stand in their presence. Hahaha!  

Unfortunately I haven't made it up
there yet as it looks way too risky, no thanks.

This is a photo of Stephen standing precariously on top of the castle that can be found near Kilmurry Student Village. The castle itself became a regular meeting place for all of us and we spent many hours climbing up the still intact stairs to various floors. I remember when we ate ice creams, tried to get a toy doll through a high window, Luke Walsh and I being frequently worried for everyone's safety (It's a Walsh thing, you wouldn't get it).There's another castle near Dromroe Student village. Both castle can found along the river Shannon, the parts that flow right through the University of Limerick campus.

During the disgracefully long Christmas holidays, I communicated with Ciarán and Pamela through snapchats of various things. I can recall, quotes from "The Titanic", drawings of foxes, cats, whining about glasses, how bored we were. The two people have been good friends to me through the year and helped me to set up the UL Film making Society. Please join us near semester when we hope to teach you about the art of film making.

Will the duck was an extremely famous duck during semester two. One of the famous DIE ducks, you may have seen them dotted around Dolan's Warehouse during D.I.E., an event I have written many blog posts about. Will McCann was lucky enough to have a duck, puppy and a fish named after him. I don't think my name would have suited these animals as well.

An example of Stephen's clever snapchats. I remember us all laughing at him because he took 10 minutes at least to draw Gandalf's hat on Will's head. Beside the castle next to Kilmurry Student Village you can find these strange huge and long stalks that resemble dandelion puffs. All along the walk to the castle on different days I remember seeing pheasants, storks, swans, horses and gannets. UL is actually a great place for wildlife, believe it or not.


I know for a fact that not all of my fantastic memories of first year are in this gallery, but they are some of the many highlights. 

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