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You can write in so many ways, articles, blogs, songs, music, poetry, stories. For me story writing and blogging are my little niches in the writing world. For this blog post, I will discuss story writing. I have been writing so much since I’ve gotten my summer holidays.

A whole new world. There is so much at your fingertips if you love to write. When I speak of a new world I speak of the worlds that can be created when I write my own stories. I write of times from the past, futuristic worlds, to the present. No matter what time or place my stories is set they come from my own imagination.
This is so true. Writers pour their
heart and soul into writing.
I love that I can create people, their stories, and their world. For me, I always get a sense of excitement when I start a story because I usually have planned out their path before starting from the beginning. I get excited about the fact that my characters are going to develop throughout the story. It’s amazing that I know how their lives are going to play out, who they are going to meet, I can control their interactions with others, whether they have happiness or sadness or both in their lives.

I think the more information you know about your characters the more real these characters seem and I find it easier to write about them. My friend Joanne sent me a character sheet to fill in with questions such as:

I am always thinking of new ideas, new places, new people.

-What are your character’s unique quirks?

-How do they interact with others?
-How do they feel about themselves?
-Religion? (If so how often do they practice their religion?)
-Biggest vulnerability.                                  

I have not finished my characters’ information sheets yet, firstly because they are very long. The questions are so detailed and I haven‘t ever thought about some of the questions that are being asked of me. Lastly I want to give these questions some real thought and consideration so I can figure out who I want these people to be. I hope to make them seem real for me before I show the full story to anyone else.

This is basically what a story is. Easier
said than done though!
Of course, inspiration plays a huge part in your writing. I am inspired by new stories, by other people, books I read, photographs I see, songs. For some reason Tumblr contributes to a lot of my story inspiration. I have a folder on my laptop titled “Story Inspiration”. Inside I have pictures that inspire me. I encourage you to try doing this if you are a writer like myself. Of course music inspires me to write. For me a song can encapsulate a particular moment in the story. Whatever feelings I get from the song I try and incorporate them into my writing. I draw inspiration from a single sentence within a song sometimes. I get inspiration at the most of inopportune moments in my life. I have gotten story ideas during maths class, in the middle of the night, eating my dinner. It is at those moments that I have to scramble for a piece of paper to scribble on before the idea slips away. Sometimes it is those ideas that randomly pop into your head that are the real gems.

Don’t get me wrong, story writing is not easy. I have written pages and pages of work only to rip it up and throw it away. I have spent months working on a particular story and then I suddenly drop it and ignore it for months due to writer’s block. I have read somewhere that there is no such thing as writer’s block and that if you want to write you should just write, but I feel that you have to be in a particular mood or mindset to write. You have to have the inspiration, the determination and the passion. If you don’t love your work nobody else will. You have to be prepared to spend a great deal of time, typing, deleting, adding parts, tweaking sentences until you are satisfied. It's a long hard slog. But if you enjoy it, it won't seem like work.

My story inspiration folder on my laptop!
I also find inspiration by chatting to fellow writers such as my sister Una and my friend Joanne. I love thrashing out ideas with Joanne, comparing writing techniques, giving each other advice and giving excerpts of our work to each other to read. It really helps to get a second opinion and it's nice to know that your fellow writers feel the same frustrations as you. I always feel excited discussing stories with Joanne because we are creating new people and she is so passionate about her work. I love seeing young people write too, they have such creative minds and wildly different ideas, so it is exciting to see people as young as ten writing their own stories.

I think this captures perfectly what story
writing is all about.
The current story I am writing is 84 A4 pages long on my laptop. I have been working on this for months now and it’s the first story that I have actually stuck at and kept updating regularly. I love my characters a lot. It’s funny, I feel as though they are my children in a way because I am responsible for them. I don’t want them to be hurt but I know for their stories to be realistic they will have to go through pain. I want them to be likeable but I also don't want them to be perfect, unattainable people. I want them to be people that have normal everyday problems like every human being on this earth, I want them to challenge other characters within the stories and to challenge myself and others in the real world. I want my characters to be real, I want to experience their lives. I also hate killing characters off, even if it’s going to develop the plot or if it is necessary for the story. I’m weird like that, but I am not apologizing for my individual quirks!!

I have so many hopes and dreams for my stories.
I want my stories to inspire others. Inspire them to write, to live their lives to the fullest, to laugh, to love. I read somewhere also that your stories should make people feel as though their time has NOT been wasted. That is a hope of mine, that my stories are worthwhile to read. I want people to cry, to laugh, to think when they read my stories. I want to challenge others. I hope that if my stories are ever released to the public that they will provide entertainment. I hope that they mean as much to others as they mean to me!

I encourage all of you out there to at least try writing stories. I promise you it’s great fun. It exercises your mind. You are the one in control. And who knows where story writing might take you? It could be you in the next few years topping book charts around the world or getting involved in a film production of your own book. Be creative! Go wild. I am forever searching for new books to read, new stories to become immersed in, new characters to fall in love with. I want to read your stories.

If you have stories for me to read or if you need advice tweet me or message me on tumblr. Or you can just leave a comment on this blog!


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