It's okay not to feel okay. Pressure from the outside world.


This blog post is inspired by the Youtuber Zoella’s vlog uploaded today, titled “Sometimes It All Gets Too Much” and Alfie Deyes' video "We Need To Have A Talk".

I just watched the YouTuber Zoella's vlog on her second channel MoreZoella titled "Sometimes It All Gets Too Much". In the vlog she becomes visibly upset discussing the pressure she is under at the moment, being a successful blogger and YouTuber. I guess it hit home because firstly, I like Zoe Sugg as a person and I feel these sort of pressures too in my own life, not the specific pressures she feels but I do feel under pressure. I want to discuss Zoella’s video because it really affected me when I watched it. I’ve been thinking about it all day, especially with this “Youtube Culture” topic floating around for the past few weeks.

Zoe has this pressure more so than non YouTubers. She is subject to the opinion of over 5 million people. That's more people than the population of Ireland! It's so heartbreaking to see bubbly, inspiring Zoe like that. I know for sure that she's had days like this before but when you see the evidence it makes you think. Zoe is only 24. She suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. Combine that with the fact that some of Zoe's subscribers never seem to be satisfied or they are commenting on things such as Zoe's spots, her interaction with her boyfriend Alfie Deyes on camera and other things that seem trivial and not worth talking about to me and you can understand how insecure and hopeless she feels sometimes. Nobody including herself thought she would explode in popularity as she did. At the moment she's got a book to write, emails to reply to, June daily vlogs to edit everyday, a long flight to LA, Vidcon which is obviously difficult for those who experience panic attacks. Anyone can see she is grateful for all her opportunities. So don't say that she's ungrateful for feeling under pressure. I also think she needs a break from Youtube. Of course I'll miss her videos if she does decide to take a break but we have to think about the fact that she is a human being like me sitting here typing this or you reading this.

I'm not claiming to know exactly what Zoe feels. I don't. But I feel protective towards her even though she's five and half years older than me. All these Youtubers are under so much scrutiny and I don't know how I'd deal with all the different things she has to juggle in her day. Zoe feels pressure from the outside world, having to satisfy people and to be strong and happy all the time when that isn't possible at all.

This pressure from the outside world affects me just as much as Zoe. Zoe is scrutinized by over five million people but everyone everyday is judged by the public. No matter what.

Alfie Deyes uploaded a video discussing Youtube culture and the pressure of pleasing subscribers, whether it be on making videos, attending conventions or meeting fans. I understand his perspective and the viewers' perspective. Alfie has a right to make himself happy too. It's not always about pleasing the viewers. He makes great points on the "barrier" that viewers feel between themselves and the Youtuber. It was fascinating. He is under pressure too just like Zoe, just like the rest of the world and myself.

I feel under pressure pretty much every time I go out in public, whether it be shopping on my own or just hanging out with friends. Every time I pass someone in the street I always think they are judging my physical appearance, the clothes I’m wearing, how I’m acting. With this fear constantly in my mind, it just makes my natural tendency to be shy and introverted even more prominent.

I feel like everything a person does is scrutinized nowadays. Especially with websites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Sometimes no matter what you do, people are unhappy and will express their dissatisfaction in the cruelest of ways not even thinking of the negative impact their comments will have on the individual on the receiving end.

I feel like that if I post about an artwork I am proud of and have worked for age on people are going to automatically think I am boasting, showing off unnecessarily. But surely it’s okay to be proud of something?

And I know people are going to judge Zoe for uploading a video of her talking about the pressure she feels.
It's inevitable. Someone is going to say she's being ungrateful and selfish, when in reality she isn't. As she
said she is only human, her life isn't perfect. I feel terrible for her. She doesn't have to feel sorry that she feels like this. As the Jessie J song goes "it's okay not to feel okay". And it really is. Bad days are inevitable.

I am so sick of seeing people being negative to others unnecessarily. This negativity adds, even more, pressure on people. It makes me so angry and I feel disappointed. I feel like all I do on this is give out about different issues on here but this is what my blog is for. It’s for expressing myself and I know for sure that everyone on this earth is feels pressure at some point. There is too much emphasis on perfection but it’s so unattainable. When is this negativity going to stop? I sit on my laptop scrolling through Twitter or the comments on a Youtube video and I see people taking time out of their day to bring someone else down. I’m not trying to preach. I personally have never commented on someone’s Youtube video being negative towards any individual or posted anonymous hate on tumblr. Why not? Because I know what it’s like to feel ugly inside and out, to feel negativity. I just hope that someday people will think long and hard about what they say, when they say it or whether it needs to be said at all. Another thing that should apply to everyone’s lives, including my own: Put yourself in somebody else’s shoes if you ever feel like hating on someone. How do you think you’d feel if you got a horrible, negative message? Yes, that's right, you'd feel crap about yourself. So why would you want someone else to feel awful about themselves? I just don't understand it. I'm so glad my parents raised me to respect others and to treat others like how I'd like to be treated.

I just want you out there to not have to experience the nasty wrath of people who waste their time spreading negativity. Be nice to each other and I will do the same. You have to know that you can't please everyone. It's not possible. You need to please yourself too. Try and resist that pressure to conform to satisfy others. It's hard without a doubt. But you are unique for a reason. Try and embrace that.

PS - send @zozeebo and @pointlessblog some love. Let them know we appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears they put into their content and that we are aware they are human and feel the exact same as we do.

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