Finishing the Leaving Cert, Making the leap, 2014 Summer bucket list.


My last blog post was a couple of days before my Leaving Cert began.
So it seems only fitting that I write my next blog post on the day my Leaving Cert ends.

My leaving cert is over. What a whirlwind it's been. I'm lying on my bed and I don't know what to do with myself. My summer 2014 begins today. I am finished secondary school forever. Fourteen years. I feel a little surprised. I feel a little sad. I will never walk those corridors again as a Greenhill student. When I go back I'll be an outsider. A former student. That place has been my safe haven since the first day I walked through those doors as a first year in 2008. A terrified 12 year old me wondering if anyone would like me or it would it be a repeat of primary school. Thankfully it wasn't. I lived, laughed and loved my years in Greenhill. It was because of the people. Now I'm a terrified 18 year old leaving it in 2014. As much as I'm relieved my summer is finally beginning I'm nostalgic for the years we all spent together. Days of messing in the corridors, pulling faces at one another in maths. Friends lost, friends gained. It's over now. That chapter has ended. And what a chapter it's been. But I'm so ready to start Volume Three:College.

But before that begins I've got summer. Just over two months of blissful freedom. I remember saying to my friends in school that I wanted to make this summer the best summer of my life so far. There's nothing stopping me, except myself. Everytime I try to step outside my comfort zone little old me shuts the door. She's terrified of being outgoing, afraid of being judged. Worried that if she makes the leap that she'll get hurt. Shut up. I guess that's the best thing I can say to myself right now. Shut up and wake up. Easier said than done right? But it's true. I'm the one getting in the way of doing new things and meeting new people. I think it's time for a little 2014 bucket list.

So here goes:

Summer 2014.

  1.  Get a proper job.
  2. . Be more daring with my clothes.
  3. . Open up and make new friends.
  4. . Step outside of my comfort zone
  5. . Make a film/short film.
  6. . Saying yes more often.
  7.  Be more organized and tidy.
  8.  Start saving for a trip to New Zealand.
  9. . Get involved with film.

My stomach is full of butterflies as I type all of that. My inner self is half saying nope and yes. Of course, it's going to be difficult. I'm not brave like my friends, My outgoing levels are 6/10 at most.But I've got to try or else I'm going to be where I was last year, wishing I had done more, regretting not saying yes. There are some huge changes coming up in my life and I'm really excited to see where things take me. For better or for worse.

Make the leap. Or just go one step at a time. I'm terrified. I'm nervous. But I'm also very excited.
Wish me luck and if you've got any bucket lists link them to me. Thanks for reading!

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