Refusing to be exploited.


Sorry for the absence. My Leaving Cert starts in less than six days so it's Geography and English with a bit of Maths on the side right now. 13 days until freedom. Wish me luck I'll need it!

I've really been thinking about this the last few days but the topic that I'm going to talk about has definitely crossed my mind before.

Millions upon millions at this stage have probably seen the video of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking joints in the back of a van. It shocked fans and celebrities alike. It definitely was unexpected for me but on the whole I'm not that fussed. Two young men experimenting with joints, not unusual. But it got me thinking about everything One Direction is, what they represent and the terrible exploitation I feel of their die hard fans.
These guys have made millions from selling perfumes, cups, dolls emblazoned
with their faces. It's beyond ridiculous. We are not made of money!
And now a jolt of reality. One Direction fans are being taken advantage of. There's no doubt about it. I repeat, they are being taken advantage of. You might try and dispute it but it's true. It's not just 1D fans but since I've seen it going on firsthand in this particular fanbase I'm going to talk about it.

I'm certainly not blind to what One Direction brand is doing.

My purchases of One Direction merchandise are as follows: two tour date t-shirts and four concert tickets over four years. Genuinely. I have not bought a One Direction doll, bought a 1D book or bought any of the stationary emblazoned with the five boys. Why not? Well because it looks ridiculous. I was fourteen years old when all this merchandise came out and I thankfully haven't bought any since then.

And this is what I mean when I say they are being exploited.

In all fairness are these really desirable?

All this merchandise does is increase One Direction's bank accounts and Simon Cowell's. It's infuriating. No one deserves to be worth over 17 million pounds. The 1D management has been very clever in the last four years, marketing their products to very young girls of at least three years old who no doubt will receive the merchandise for birthday and Christmas presents. Little girls' pocket money is spent on One Direction's silly merchandise and what benefit do these little girls get? A little bit of entertainment while the pounds pile up for five young men. Who gets more out of it? The latter.

I liked them since 2010, before they were snapped up by a multi-million record deal to create profit for Simon Cowell. I liked them until I realized a while back how much exploitation goes on with their fans.They've been around for a good part of my teenage years. But there are cons to being a fan of any famous celebrity.
It's the huge multi-million brand they've created that turned me off long ago.

I wish they played their own instruments, I'm not going to lie.
I don't like them receiving award after award while much more deserving musicians are snubbed. Of course, when I was a fan I liked to see them win sometimes, but I don't think they always deserve Best Music Video for example. 

 It makes me sad to think that their support as fans is seen as a moneymaking thing. I always wonder when One Direction thank their fans if they mean it. Do they realize that it was people at home that voted them through each week on XFactor, who buy their concert tickets have given them their wealth, their success and their fame? Are they truly grateful? Does it ever cross their minds when they buy a watch for a couple of hundred pounds that that money came from teenagers and adults pockets?!

(Edited because of new developments) One Direction have now announced a third perfume. Now, even as someone who was a fan, I didn't even know there was even a second perfume and now there's a third? These people are trying to bleed fans dry of money. I BEG One Direction fans, don't spend your money on it. PLEASE. These are boys. Young men shouldn't be creating perfumes. It's beyond fucking ridiculous at this stage.

I'd wake up and be terrified.
I suppose what I'm trying to say is don't stop supporting One Direction but wake up and stop spending your hard earned money on silly duvet covers, One Direction stationary, plastic dolls, perfumes, and cups. It's not worth it. Last time I checked these boys were a music group, people who sing, not a stationary or a furniture or a toy company. Buy the CDs. Buy concert tickets and support the musical side of things. But please don't support the part of the music industry that exploits the fans of music artists. It's so unfair. I doubt One Direction's management give a damn how much their merchandise costs. They only care how much of it they can sell.

It really does annoy me when I go into a bookshop or a toy shop and I see different items with the One Direction logo being fairly expensive and the products being completely ridiculous. Fans will continue buying them regardless but you won't see me taking part in it. I lost interest in the group long ago.Fans are dollar signs in the eyes of Simon Cowell and I'm beginning to worry that fans seem that way to One Direction themselves.

I've seen their fanbase grow from fifty thousand to over twenty million.

It hasn't been always like this. Being here for all of One Direction's existence has has given me the ability to note the changes over the years. They used to be less controlled. As the years have gone on they've become more and more commercial, more expensive to meet, exclusive and untouchable.
Negatives aside, I am SO proud of Niall in Croke Park!
I think all of us Irish people were proud that day.
It was disgraceful last year for announcing a stadium tour in the middle of their second tour. Fans had just paid for a concert and now they wanted fans to sell out another full tour? Even when I saw them in Croke Park they'd already had a concert in Scotland that day. It's all about squeezing in another concert here and there to rake in just a little bit more money. Almost guaranteed there will be a tour next year!

It's just sad to see how things have changed. I was captivated by the five boys on the stairs when I was just fourteen years old, not the multi-millionaires they are today.
I am not interested in them anymore.

So again, save your money for more worthwhile things. CDs last, but One Direction pencils don't.

Where it all began for them.

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