Freedom of Opinion (Or lack of it?)


A few days ago the Brits were on the television. For those who don't know about the Brits they are basically a UK based music awards show (You could call it the UK Grammys - but it doesn't reach the calibre of The Grammys themselves if I'm honest) Anyway, I was half watching the Brits and on Twitter at the same time. (This also something I've noticed before watching The Brits by the way)

What I noticed in particular was the tweets people were posting to other users, based on whatever music act was either presenting, performing or receiving an award. A lot of them were awful, slamming others because they liked a particular act. There’s something horrifyingly hypocritical about society that I’ve noticed a lot recently. There’s always this huge talk about how people have freedom of speech or opinion, and who cares what anyone else thinks.

Well frankly, it doesn’t exist. Or definitely isn’t the case as many people would like to prove. Yes, a lot of people either accept different opinions or don’t care about other opinions, but some people like to ridicule others, to make them feel bad for liking whatever they like. It makes me really angry to be honest. It’s kind of sad to have to hide that you like a particular band or singer just so others won’t make fun of you for it. If you don’t like a particular act, that’s fine. If you tweet about your dislike, that’s also acceptable. But hating on those who do actually like this artist is horrible and is in fact cyber bullying. I’ve experienced it myself, not online bullying, but having to pretend I didn’t like a certain group just so I wouldn’t be teased about. It really sucks to be honest. (I’m not naming any group or any individual) It’s frustrating to have to keep quiet about something you love. Those who decide to put you down are cowardly and don't waste your time trying to make them see sense because they won't.

Yes I understand that there are people who quite frankly don’t give a crap about other people’s opinions whether they be positive or negative, but I’m not one of those people I have to admit. And a lot of other people aren’t. Some people are painfully shy (me included) and even one negative comment about their preferences upsets them. A person should be free to like whatever they wish and not have to be worried about being mocked, or whether or not they are cool. If you like cheesy pop songs, good for you. If you prefer heavy metal music, that’s perfectly okay. Different genres are there for a reason, they appeal to different types of people.

To be honest, it shouldn’t matter to you if someone likes a singer that you can’t stand. You should be gracious and accept the fact not everyone is going to like the exact same thing as you. There’s a reason why there’s variety because if everything was the same it’d be so boring. And the same for those who hate on you for music preferences, I hope you know that they are the ones who will regret their negativity in the future.

There’s also this kind of labeling going on as well, for example if you were a fan of the group “One Direction” you’re “gay” or a silly teenage girl that doesn’t understand the concept of music. Or that if you like “Of Mice and Men” that you are an “emo” “goth”. Well this is wrong because I like musicians like Ben Howard, but I’d also listen to a lot of Imagine Dragons, All Time Low, Demi Lovato etc. I guarantee if I went on to a video of any musician, there would be degrading comments. I’ll never understand why someone would bother clicking on to a music video of an artist they don’t like or tweet about them, even more so when they purposely go on the video to post abuse or to pick a fight with fans on Twitter. I mean why waste your time?

So next time you see someone fangirling over a musician, resist the urge to make them feel small just because you feel like it or because you can, go do something more productive. Listen to the music you like. There’s enough room in the world for different genres and different opinions. And if someone is making you feel bad for your interests, distance yourself from them. If it’s online, the block button is your friend! There's no shame in ceasing contact with someone who makes you feel bad!

Okay, rant over, and now I’m going to relax and enjoy my last few hours of midterm with a bit of hot chocolate and some Ben Howard. I feel like all I do on this blog is rant and I don't mean to, but I really get fired up when I see injustice like this happening all around me.

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