Reflections on 2013. Hopes for 2014. Something everyone is probably doing.



I’m not going type a big long blog post on 2013, because I unfortunately can’t remember all the good memories I’ve had this year. Though I suppose one of the biggest events of 2013 was me turning 18 on September 13th. I love the sense of adultness that the age 18 symbolizes, but also which kind of contradicts myself, I don't like being told that I can't act like a child anymore because "I'm not one anymore". I don't feel any different being 18 than I felt at 17. I still feel young and vulnerable. But ultimately I do enjoy the fact I have more freedom now legally.

What else?

I had enough bad  memories too that I don’t really want to revisit.
There have been really dark tough times for me this past year, and I hope that I’ll be able to overcome anything that comes my way in 2014.
I have my own personal hopes of course for 2014 (which is my nineteenth year of existence), that being passing my Leaving Cert, getting the college course I want, being happy etc. But I have hopes for the world in 2014.

 I’m still not seeing any major improvements in terms of a more eco-friendly world. This particular bothers me because it’s something I’m really concerned about as I’m involved in ISF, an environment/animal charity. (I’ll probably blog about ISF at some point) Lots of people are still in denial, others really don’t care and it’s really something I think should be addressed. The lack of respect some people have for the world and its inhabitants infuriates me. Dolphin slaughter is still going on Taiji. The ice caps are melting which in turn is threatening species such as polar bears who specifically live in these conditions. This in turn is causing the sea level to rise and causing flooding. Something else that springs to my mind is the topic of the Western Black Rhino. This species became EXTINCT this year. Well it has been from 2011 allegedly, but that news only broke this year. Honestly in this day and age we should be the ones preserving every single species, not wiping them out. Fingers crossed that something will make people around the world wake up to the worsening problem. I hope that we’ll be using more eco-friendly methods of producing energy, particularly hydro and wind because obviously their being renewable benefits all. I don’t understand why people aren’t being made switch over. In other words 2013 has not been a good year for the environment and I’m hoping there are drastic improvements in 2014.                            

Another is the government. YES I know people are sick of  hearing about the government. Especially their sly, we-feel-your-pain-and-we-don’t-care-but-we-pretend-to attitude that EVERYONE can see through. Still, I hope they stop topping up their own pay checks and actually stop burdening those who literally cannot take any more taxes. And I’d love love love if the government decided to vote on gay marriage in 2014, rather than 2015. Also the government need to stop making promises they can’t and won’t keep. Enda Kenny and his lackeys had better watch their backs.

I hope that 2014 will be a year where more and more people are fighting against a society that still values beauty over brains. A society that still has magazines condemning those who are slightly heavier than others and are promoting unhealthy and unnaturally thin bodies to the public. I hope that magazines stop using so much Photoshop, stop displaying unrealistic imagery to the people of this world. I hope there’s more awareness of mental illness, eating disorders, suicides. That they stop being taboo topics and more promotion of the help services out there occurs.

So many various things have made world news this past year. To name a few: Nelson Mandela’s death, Pope Francis, the birth of Prince George, Boston Marathon Bombing, natural disasters, the death of Seamus Heaney.

I hope Ireland as a whole will continue improving and prospering
in 2014. Next year I hope that the number of people dying needlessly on the roads (2013 figures as of now 189 people) decreases, I hope there’s less violence in Ireland. I hope our economy and the number of people who are unemployed improves.

I hope that as a person I grow, and that I finally make that short film I’ve always wanted to. I hope my confidence will have grown by the end of 2014 and I feel more comfortable in myself.

To finish up, have a great New Years Eve, and Happy New Year!
Here’s to 2014 as good year in all aspects.

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